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AllTech Garage Doors are suppliers and installers of New Zealand’s finest range of garage doors and automatic openers. 

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All-Tech Garage Doors are Central Otago’s Only locally owned and operated Garage Door Company. Otago’s largest, widest, tallest door specialists. In the garage door game since 1985!
Michael & Lynn Proudly purchased “Central Otago Garage Doors” in 1994, where we had previously spent many years in garage door manufacturing and garage door installation for Central Otago, West Coast , Canterbury & of course the good folks of Southland.
Generally, the Key considerations when choosing a Garage Door;
Features; This includes Waranties, Aluminium or other materials, Size
Finishes; Colour-Steel, Powder-Coat, to complement any style or architecture
Window Options; Not only for appearance, but also added security considerations
Insulation; Especially in some parts of Central Otago
Fittings & Panels; How do you want the Door to operate?
Openers; Automatic Openers that operate from different ranges, various AC powered motors, some are specific for tilt-doors
Southern Aluminium & Joinery

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