Chamberlain CH-1301AU


Stainless Steel Light with LED accent lighting & Integrated 140° sensor

* Provides light when you want it and when you need it, for safety and security while saving energy.
* 140° Sensor that you can point where motion detection is needed.
* Detection Sensitivity adjustment.
* Manual override function allows the light to be switched on without motion activation.
* Photocell sensor for dusk to dawn operation, ensures that the light only operates at appropriate times.




Motion Sensor spread
Secure Home Motion Sensor lights are available in a range of scan angles. Sensors are adjustable to point in the direction that you require. Look for the symbol marked on the product’s packaging.
ico_2.jpgManual Override
Depending on the model, sensor lights can be activated manually to stay on, so you can welcome guests or provide constant lighting. Certain models will reset on the Dusk to Dawn cycle to ensure that energy is not wasted
convenient_2.jpgDual Pulse Technology
Dual Pulse Technology minimizes false triggering by analysing two pulses. The first pulse arms the system while the second pulse triggers the light.
(Dual Pulse Technology is available on certain models)
convenient_2.jpgLed Technology
LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest in lighting technology. They require very little power and unlike globes last the life of the light fitting. Secure Home products utilise quality LED components to achieve the best performance.
The Dusk to Dawn sensor ensures that the light does not operate during daylight when you don’t need it. Certain models enable you to adjust the lux (light level) sensitivity giving you complete control to suit your needs.
Design and Durability
Engineered with a durable metal construction in either a traditional or contemporary design to enhance the look of your home while providing the home security that you want.

CH-1301AU Specifications

Power Features
Input Voltage            240V AC, 50Hz
Lamp Type    GLS & LED
Lamp Wattage   Max. 60 W
Installation     Professional
Sensor Coverage140°
Number of Colour Options1
Construction                 Stainless Steel
Part number